Simply Chickie = Simply Adorable!

I love shopping for baby clothes – I actually cannot control myself.  Everything is so so super cute and usually reasonably priced so when I go out to get a gift for the new baby entering our lives I usually go nuts and get like a whole wardrobe.  When it was for my kids; simply forget it.  We had a closet for our closet LOL  I’m all set for the next baby gift I need with some great finds at Simply Chickie.  These items are all 100% organic and so soft you will want them for yourself!  Why do we need to go organic? Well; it is safer for baby of course (no synthetic anything in these clothes) and also much better for the environment (crops are rotated so better for the soil and is rain-fed not irrigated).  For owner Gwendolyn Gardner, a woman who found out she was expecting the same week she discovered a breast cancer diagnosis she wanted only the best quality for both herself and her baby.  She watched everything that went into and against her body.  She had to live for her baby!  This is truly an amazing story and such an inspiration!

Simply Chickie offers such a cute array of rompers, hats/blankets/gift sets and toddler items.  I cannot wait for my expectant niece to see the adorable romper I have for her that has this cute anchor on it and cleverly says “I’m the result of a shore thing”.  Just simple, soft, sweet and 100% adorable.  Please check out this fantastic and totally made in America company for your next baby need!

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