Lulla is my new BFF!

Who’s baby just doesn’t sleep?  Can I get a fist bump on that one?!?  I swear we are all walking around like zombies and these cute babies of ours are bright eyed and haven’t sleep a wink all night!  For my home, I was trying so hard to keep them calm through the night but sometimes no matter what I did they just couldn’t settle.  We switched formula, we tried lavender, light music and just nothing worked.  Enter Lulla and we are sleeping and calm and getting back to ourselves!  This wonderful soft and cuddly doll actually aids your child with sleeping sounder and longer!  The doll mirrors the psychological concept that closeness and the heartbeat brings about comfort.  It comes with built in real-life heartbeat and breathing sounds.  It is safe for newborn age and upwards (it comes with a crib attachment so one may not worry with children under 1 year of age).  Lulla is machine washable and runs on AA batteries.  Think outside the box and this is a great item for travel, leaving your little one with a sitter, the switch from your room to the nursery or even from the crib to a “big kid” bed.  Sky is the limit here.  Lulla comes in three different styles and costs around $60.00.  It is just a soft and adorable lottery ticket that we just won over in this house!

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