Stryke Club For Teen Acne

Let’s face it – teenage boys do not have it easy with skin problems.. And hey…there is just so much a phone camera filter can do here.  If boys develop good skin care routine habits early on then it can be smooth sailing through the awkward years.

Stryke Club products are made for boys since so many of the products out there cater to the girls.  These products kill the bacteria that brings on the dryness/irritation.  They are made safely without parabens, sulfates or phthalates.  They are super easy to use and that is music to my ears because I know from personal experience we have about 5 minutes before my 15 year old says “mom I’m busy” and walks away.  The packaging is very manly so your son won’t be embarrassed using them.

Items we are using:

Everywhere Wash ($17):  The scent here is pacific and smells super nice.  This is one stop shopping cleanser for your face and body.  I put this in the kid’s shower and he is ready to go.

Face First Wash ($12):  This product is unscented and just for their face.  They should use twice a day to help stop the problems before they start.

Wipe Out Cleansing Wipes ($10):  These are great for on the go.  I have my son putting these in his gym locker so he can do a quick wipe after football practice.  They are made with plant based ingredients and nothing harsh so I don’t have to worry about redness or anything rough near his face.  He will be ready for prevention anywhere he happens to be.

More great products to check out as well!