Skinny Butcher Launches Stranger Things/Netflix Tie-In

skinny butcher stranger things

The Skinny Butcher makes vegan versions of chicken and now has a specialty version launching for the new season premiere of Stranger Things (premiering on May 27, 2022). One of the actresses, Sadie Sink, is also a vegan, further connecting that tie-in.

You’ll see that they connected the dots not only with the imagery on the box but the Skinny Butcher logo includes “from the Upside Down.”  Their logo actually fits quite well with that retro-looking style of Stranger Things.

The connection here is also that they like turning things upside down in terms of a vegan chicken which is unbelievably similar to real chicken. I had just tasted it myself and it’s amazing how similar to real chicken this tastes.  The taste and feel are so down pat, it’s really amazing. I snuck one to my husband who truly could not tell if these were real meat or not.

Season Four of Stranger Things premieres on May 27, 2022, and these Stranger Things-themed nuggets are available in Walmarts across the USA.

Did you watch the latest Stranger Things trailer? Maybe you could have a themed party connecting the two and have a launch party with your kids. That would make you a rather cool parent.

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