SleepPhones Headphones

How many of you have the same issue I do at home – I am sort of a night owl binge watching my favorite show while the husband likes to grab his 10 hours (LOL).  Each night there is a small “tussle” over the volume of the phone/tablet I am streaming on in bed.  You simply must check out SleepPhones Headphones!  These are perfect for sleeping as they are cordless and totally built into a super comfy headband made of polyester and spandex.  I was worried my head would be warm and it totally isnt!  Oh and worth mentioning is that it is hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking.  You do not have to worry about emissions and having a speaker close to your head – these are safe!  It is completely compatible with smartphones, MP3’s and bluetooth devices.  And think outside the box – these are a great gift for someone who travels and fly’s a lot as well as great for yoga/working out/the gym as well!  I have been listening to calming beach waves to get the hectic workday out of my mind!   I also easily block out the hubby’s snoring! LOL
Machine washable and totally changing my nightlife!  There are a couple of styles to choose from ranging from $99 and up.  The ones I have are the called “effortless” ($149.95) which also come with a great charging kit.

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