Games for a rainy day that won’t make you lose your mind…

I don’t know about you but my household is glued to the weather channels.  Irma has taken over the world literally by storm.

My kids and I want to tell you about a bunch of games we are checking out that can help you get through the rainy day blues.

That being said…please make sure you have wine and possibly vodka.  And water… I guess you need a few gallons of water….

Flying Kiwismy kids and I had some serious fun launching kiwi birds in an insane attempt to line up 4 of our designated color in a row for the win.  Lots of laughs, very sturdy parts and perfect for ages 6 and up.  Great gift idea for boys and girls!

Kingdominoso I am kind of a domino-head and as such my older child already knew the concept.  Or did he? This game has a cool twist of making sure you keep with your terrain in an effort to secure your very own kingdom tile by tile and royal treasure by royal treasure!  Loved the questions, the strategy and the mind bending fun this game brought us as a family!  We will absolutely play this game again and again; it is suitable for ages 8 and up.

Telestrations: do you remember playing “telephone” as a kid and laughing at how messed up the original message became?  Well this board game great for ages 12 and up adds into the mix sketching out what you saw and quite honestly had us cracking up for two hours!  You do not have to be an artist and I loved the creativity the game inspired!

Utter Nonsense: this game had me hysterical laughing which I really needed after a grueling day at work.  I love how the concept of this game is inspired by a family who made this up and after loving how it brought them together so much they decided to share it with all of us.  You have this phrase to share with everyone and you are assigned an accent to portray.  Everyone reads their card with the chosen accent and the funnier you are the better chance you have to win.  I literally could play this game for 24 hours straight.

Magic Sketch: not so much a board game but completely worthy of my post.  Think car ride from hell.  This great board allows you to create your masterpiece/trace/practice school work etc and then erase and start over with the push of a button.  They also come with cool stencils if you wanna go that route.  This board is so much more durable than a tablet, there is ZERO mess the battery lasts for something absurd like 7 years.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter how old you are; this a great product from the makers of “boogie board”.

I feel like we kind of hit the game jackpot!

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