Snoozeshade Deluxe Plus

It is getting super cold out there folks and for your stroller kiddo, the “Snoozeshade Deluxe Plus” from Prince Lionheart is a must have!  Here is the deal: it shields your little one from insects, wind, chill and rain.  The little window allows your child to see the “outside world” while protecting them from the elements and dangerous UV rays.  Need to access your little one? I had no trouble at all unzipping the panel to pick up my cutie!  I love the privacy-like panel that shelters your tike from then environment and the noise.  How wonderful to have my child get the rest they need as I go on with my day.  When I have to be on a chilly field with another child, I have peace of mind that the baby is warm and cozy.  I know that the shade is totally safe; it has been tested for safety and by sleep experts!  Geez; do they make one for adults?? One size fits all strollers and the “Snoozeshade Deluxe Plus” is designed to fit infant car seats carry handles.  It is made of nylon, mesh and vinyl.  It stays in place the whole time you are out and about and your child can smile and coo at you the entire time.  Consider purchasing one for the new mommy in your life this holiday season by visiting http://the Prince Lionheart website at  You can also purchase on amazon:

snoozeshade deluxe

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