Winter is coming and with that, disgusting germs galore!  I truly try and teach my kids to please “wash” often but when they are in school and not in my direct sight I just do NOT know what they are doing.  I am happy to report that a tried and true company like Softsoap brings us character themed soaps to get the kiddies motivated to wash those gross germies away!  Colgate-Palmolive has sent us some adorable samples that I am happy to share with all of you!

We received adorable bottles of “FrozenFoaming Hand Soap which is bringing my daughter enthusiastically into the bathroom to wash.  These $3.00 bottles of foaming soaps feature Elsa, Olaf and Elsa/Anna together.   For my son we have terrific Star Warsthemed bottles of foaming soaps.  These have come just in time to match the emerging movies they love.  Bottles feature “Yoda”, “Darth Vader” and “R2D2”.  I look forward to seeing which of our favorite characters come out next!  I am happy to report that both of my kids are washing as much as I would hope they would and I am a little less worried about the winter blues!  Softsoap: plese continue to help me get my kids psyched about washing those germs away!  For more information please visit

star-wars-soft-soap frozen-soft-soap


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