Coconut Oil Spray by Capriclear

I love me some summer; sand sunblock, maybe a little too much sun.  If you are like me and my poor little guy, sometimes your sensitive skin can become rough, flaky and irritated.  There are literally like three products I use on my skin and one type of clothing detergent I trust; but then I read something so interesting I just had to try it.  “Fractionation”: the process that removes color and fragrance while isolating the moisture benefit of coconut oil.  I was amazed and just had to try the spray.

The spray is odorless, colorless, fast-drying and non-staining.  Within seconds, I treated my skin to intense moisturization without any sticky or slimy residue.  It has earned the National Eczema Association’s Seal Of Acceptance which speaks volumes to me as my son suffers from the skin condition.  He is constantly bothered by it and itching his flaky skin.  I myself have eczema on my scalp.  I made a pact and we both tried it out 7 days ago.  Well; we love it;  so far the only product that really softened our skin and gave us relief from the itch.

Capriclear’s Coconut Oil Spray is safe for all ages and great for everyday use.  Please visit for more information or to purchase this product.  Its priced right between $10.99-$19.99 depending on the size.  This is great for soothing the summertime skin!  So easy to purchase at Ulta, Harmons, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, or even at  Awesome travel size options for your next summer trip available at CVS and Walgreens.

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