The Unscented Company


My family and I have very sensitive skin. We enjoy trying new and exciting bath and home products, but I always worry if we will have a reaction. I was thrilled this week when I was handed a box of products from The Unscented Company for review.

Who they are: The Company offers a full line of home and body care products that are unscented and all-natural.  They also designed their packaging so you can reuse/refill and help out in the reduction of our plastic footprint.

What they offer: a full line of dishwashing, laundry, body care, hair care, and other products.

What we tried out:

The Unscented Co. Solid Hair + Body Care Essentials Gift Box ($55) – perfect for giving this holiday season!  It contains their soap bar, shampoo bar, conditioner bar, and an organic cotton and bamboo bath glove. The shampoo and conditioner bars will last you about 50-70 washes. Very easy to use; just moisten the bar, rub to lather into your hands, and then wash or condition your hair as you normally would.

The ingredients are quality and safe. They also disclose all of them so you never have to wonder what is going into the products you are washing with daily. How refreshing is that!

Check out The Unscented Company!