Super Dad Coupons: Book Review

From Ulysses Press and PERFECT from the little one’s who maybe do not have the means to head to the store and purchase yet another tie is “Super Dad Coupons”.  They are redeemable “To make any day Father’s Day”.  This is a 20 page little book of the gift that keeps on giving all year long.  The book is adorable; each page is perforated and can be torn out when Dad wants to redeem.  The artwork is whimsical and matches in cute kid flair.  Among my favorites to be redeemed were a coupon for a family BBQ 3 free car washes, a boating excursion (my son’s favorite!), movie night, a day of complaint free yard work (my daughter already said no LOL) and the cake for any occasion.  Such a great idea and many of them can be customized by your child.  There is plenty of room and lines for their creativity to take hold.

This colorful book of card-stock fun is perfectly priced at $7.95 making it #1 for the ultimate Father’s Day surprise.  Your hubby will love the ability to cash them with a minutes notice and your kids will totally love decorating and adding their own words.  My kids and I spent the entire night making this adorable book personalized to “all things daddy”.  We cannot wait to see his face next week.  Run to sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Nook to scoop the book up today before it’s too late!  Father’s Day is almost a week away!

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