Long A@@Commute = Dash Cam Required!

The worst and best part of my work day is the commute.  I loathe traffic of any kind – grid lock and rubber necking actually make me insane.  I have to be honest tho; sometimes I love me the opportunity to take deep breaths and listen to some awesome 90’s music.  So I go back and forth between frustration about how long it takes me to get home and enjoying my own private jam session.

One thing I do worry about is the fact that more time in the car means more chances for accidents and damage to my car.  My new dash cam has my comfort zone in check.  God forbid I should need it the detailed footage will show me all the events that unfolded.  What I learned right away is the most important feature on these cameras are Frames Per Second.  The higher the resolution the better quality of the video.  And the dash cam for you is from Nextbase.  This baby sports 1080p full HD recording at 60fps which makes it one of the best available out there!  This camera is also super easy and convenient to use.  The size of the touch screen is perfect; not too big or too small.  You can actually install it in seconds with just one hand.  Features worth talking about in my opinion include parking mode, WiFi, GPS, light warnings, collision warnings, lane detection and voice command.  I’ve been checking out the 322GW model and I’m super happy.  This device actually has an emergency SOS feature in the case you are not responsive.  I think my favorite feature is the fact that the camera rolls from the parking lot while you are inside the store.  Take that “lady who slams her door into mine” at the supermarket.  This version will cost you around $169; there are other choices more or less that do slightly more or less (the “more” including actual connection to our good friend “Alexa”).

If you are forever in your care like me please consider picking up one of these high quality dash cams.

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