Top Meals You Can Order for 2022

In being a busy mom, I’m always trying to figure out meals that I can just order so I can keep running.  Sometimes I don’t have the time to make a quick meal so I’d rather be able to just order something quick, and at the same time make sure I’m feeding my family a good meal.

Below, you’ll find our favorite products for meals you can order to keep saving time and being an awesome mom.



For one of the most unique angles, Zingerman‘s makes a build your own Reuben package.  Yes, they actually ship you all of the ingredients that you see above, plus a handy little chart to learn how to build an authentic Reuben.  Since 1982, the Reuben was Zingerman’s best seller.

What I love about this kit is how awesome it is for families.  Why? How cool of an option is it to work with the kids and build a sandwich from scratch? Plus, it’s authentic New York so I just feel like it has that historic cool element to it.


Tasty Bite

tasty bite

Tasty Bite makes quick and easy Indian meals. I happen to love Indian food so this is a really awesome option, plus it’s vegetarian which is also awesome.  You just pop these in the microwave and there it is and you’re happy.  Plus they’re super healthy and much better than just microwaving a slice of pizza.


Blackbird Seitan

blackbird seitan

Seitan makes a great vegetarian meal. I love cooking vegetarian to be healthy and the fact that these Blackbird Seitan are pre-seasoned makes a world of difference.  Plus, it’s such a great mix to have so that you can change things up instead of just making cutlets. In particular, this chili lime seitan really tastes amazing.


Sambazon Acai Bowls

healthy eating 3

Sambazon Acai Bowls are amazingly healthy, filled with acai berry and granola, but this is the kind of thing I usually only get in the mall when I’m having a rough day and want to treat myself. I can throw them in the freezer and rip them out whenever I want. They were really simple to get ready as they were basically thrown in the microwave for a few seconds just to defrost and there you go. If you’re looking for a quick and easy breakfast that is healthy, this is certainly a good option.


BeeFree Warrior Mix

healthy eating 2

BeeFree Warrior Mix is a granola mix that is gluten-free and grain-free. I love the angle of it and the terms of it having the messaging of strong affirmations. I also like that this is gluten-free, but mostly I love that this is a modern Warrior theme. The name of the website and the inspiration is about a mom who’s fighting the battle against Autism. It has a message and it’s woman-owned and I kind of respect a mom like this more than average.




I love home ramen noodles and basically was addicted to them all through college. They were my go-to snack and really the one thing that helped me survive. That said, once I grew older I realized that usually, these are rather salty and totally unhealthy. In fact, my husband has basically been banned from usual ramen noodles given the high salt and his blood pressure. But Noodie ramen noodles are super high in protein as well as have a fraction of the usual sodium so they’re quite a healthy choice.




Freshly is a bit unique on this list as they make various meals throughout the year.  What makes them healthy is they’re basically freshly cooked meals delivered straight to your door. If you want vegetarian, no problem. Maybe you have certain diets you’re following. Easy. Done. Plus, they’re as low as $8.99 each so it’s a quick and easy way to have a hot meal that you can bring to work, but probably much cheaper than picking up with Grubhub. In fact, when I was in an office, I hated that every meal cost me so much that I’d probably have considered ordering these just for lunch in the office.

mama sezz


Mama Sezz delivers plant based vegetarian meals right to your door. You’ll see a complete mix above, like Lazy Lasagna, and Garlic Ginger strips… some require more preparation, like the garlic ginger protein strips need to get put on the frying pan. Others are ready to eat like the  Tuna “ish” salad, which is the closest thing I’ve had to a real tuna salad since I became a vegetation. The basic bundle includes basically seven of these packages which is more than enough for two people and quite a variety. I also love the tie in they have with their Facebook group so you can discuss and mingle with other customers and trade notes.


ichiran ramen


Ichiran is well known for their Tonkotsu Ramen and even have an Ichiran restaurant in Manhattan serving just that. You’ll see our reviewers covered it and loved it.  That said of course you want it at home so here’s the kits at home. The kits are only $29 and they ship from their website plus you can pick them up in their restaurant too. The kits are super easy to make and include all the original spices.


Try some of these delicious meals you can order now. You won’t be sorry!