Stomp on Broadway

stomp_on_broadwayStomp is a high energy experience more so than a show. The music and the percussive beats have you moving in your seat and tapping your feet. Kids will love it because it’s one big drum show with a lot of physical humour. My daughter was laughing out loud at many parts. The show is an hour and a half with no intermission which is a great length of time for a young kid. Plus it’s basically constant action keeping kids focus the entire time.

It’s a smaller intimate venue with really no bad seats located right in Greenwich Village. The theatre is covered with random objects that keep your kids focus.

The best way to describe it… it’s fun. The music is fun and alive and upbeat. Everybody walks out smiling and bouncing to the beat.

One of my favourite scenes was when the actor was sitting and reading the newspaper and others slowly joined him. They made beautiful music literally from garbage including wrappers and plastic bags.

To me, overall, the show was most important because it really can inspire your kids. It shows that music can be made out of anything, even trash. Now hopefully this doesn’t lead to too much extra noise in the house!

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