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One of the biggest physical changes expecting and nursing mothers go through is the changing breast size, which leads to a lot of frustration trying to find a bra that is practical, comfortable, and still makes us feel feminine.  The Yootoo Maternity Bra thankfully meets all of those wishes and more.  The first thing I love about this bra is the extremely soft material all around that is a relief for soreness after nursing a very hungry baby.  I appreciated the support of the bras’ design, even without the underwire.  The cut of the bras allows for it to be versatile from nursing during the day to having your first night out with hubby and wearing a lower cut top that makes you feel sexy again.  The bra is cotton, and there is a small lace lining around the cup which makes it a step up from the more mundane nursing bras that are all too common.  With sizes from 32A to 46H, there is a bra to fit every size, and the four different color options make it easy to find one that will work with any outfit.  One of the fears of a nursing mom is that the clasp will give out, but after a month of use with a very hungry baby, the clasps show no wear and tear.  The clasps are also easy enough to hook and unhook with one hand, which is helpful when you have an impatient little person in the other arm.

A unique part of the Yootoo Maternity brand is that they are connected with the charity Every Mother Counts.  A portion of each sale is donated to Every Mother Counts, helping to provide proper healthcare, education, and resources to mothers around the world, promoting healthy pregnancies and childbirth to every mom.  It’s nice knowing that as the Yootoo bra makes the wearer feel comfortable, the company is also working on a larger scale to bring comfort to mothers in need.

This has been the most comfortable and reliable maternity bra I have found, and it has been a huge relief to have some support that I can feel confident in as well sexy.  It’s convenient in accessibility when baby is demanding instant breakfast.  Being able to support mothers in need through each purchase?  Just an added bonus any mother would love.

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