Petite Namaste: Handcrafted Gifts for Baby

Picking a bedding set for your baby can get very overwhelming with all the choices out there.  Petite Namaste is a unique and handmade way to make a statement for your child’s room while still providing top quality and comfort.  I like that their products are 100% cotton, making them comfortable and breathable.  They have 8 collections with different patterns spanning products from bedding to swaddle blankets, from burp clothes to changing table covers.  Each piece is block printed (stamped with painted wooden blocks by hand) by artisans in India, truly making no two exactly alike.

Paisley Dreams Quilt/Play Blanket

I have the quilt, and I like it because it is very versatile.  It’s a soft material and medium weight, making it suitable for different temperatures.  It’s also perfect for tummy time on the floor, giving just enough cushion for my baby.  The material is durable enough that I know my daughter will have the quilt for a long time as she grows.

Petite Namaste is a great idea for a baby shower gift that no one else will have.  The designs are stylish and trendy, and for me a huge selling point was the handmade factor while not sacrificing quality.  Their wide variety of products in each category allows for matching, but the pieces are also able to stand on their own as beautiful accessories and gifts.  They ship anywhere in the U.S. which makes this a convenient gift for loved ones who might live far away.

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