Strangest Amazon Black Friday Specials

Basically this is what I do every Black Friday. I jump on my computer, I wear my fluffiest pajamas and order so much stuff my husband is terrified.  Amazon is great for finding the strangest Black Friday specials and I love sometimes just buying a weird present. Plus free returns with Prime so I can live if I screw up.

These deals are discounted as of the time of this writing. I’m just left wondering WHY are they being promoted by Amazon for Black Friday Specials.



    1. Tongue Scraper


Who doesn’t love the joy of a good scraped tongue?  But as a present I’m concerned that it would give across the wrong message.  File this under Black Friday specials


    1. 2. A shiatsu massage… I mean on the surface it looks cute, but then when I think further, well I have a high worry that it’s going to strangle me.


    1. 3. My cat’s don’t deserve this.  Secondly it only holds 30lbs and my two cats collectively will crush this. In fact, I’m buying this just to watch them fall. Kidding!


    1. 4. Do you ever wish you could buy a rug that looks like you’ve slaughtered your enemies?






    1. 5. A burrito or pie blanket. You get your choice. Why would you want this? Damned if I know.  But in fact this one, is one I feel like I strongly need to order.






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