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My kids love crafts. I don’t know what they like more, getting messy or creating something new, but it’s probably a combination of the two. There are countless kits and sets available. Some come with organizers, many don’t. I prefer having a specific place to keep the materials, so it is very convenient when they come with one.

My boys like to draw and build things. My daughter likes to do whatever the boys do plus make jewelry and more traditionally girly crafts. If it’s a birthday or holiday I might buy a specific craft for an individual kid, otherwise I try to find kits that I can use with all three. Kid Made Modern has a ton of kits, most come in a decorative box (great for keeping them organized). They range from coloring and painting to building, designing, and publishing.

One of my favorite kits is the Comic Book Kit. It encourages my kids to write, and then, of course, read. Another one I really like is the Wooden Robot Kit. They have the popular decorative duct tape kits and even a Printmaking Kit. From doll houses and jewelry to journals galore and so much more, this is a great one stop shop for awesome crafting ideas and presents or just family fun. I should also mention that I work with a Girl Scout troop (I’m sure you can image how many crafting supplies we go through), and the pricing here is really good. I think I should get them some pom poms and some “how to” books. Check it out and see what you can get for the kids in your life (or even for yourself…don’t worry, I won’t tell)!

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