Studio L Jewelry – Israeli Handmade Pieces

Studio L JewelryStudio L  Jewelry with all of its designs seems to showcase the handmade nature of the pieces. These are not clean cut robotic pieces that seem to come off a mass production line. You can see in each piece it’s handcrafted elements. They have a raw beauty showcasing that these pieces of jewelry were made by hand. Each piece seems to have a uniqueness to it showcasing the artists individual style and methodology.


One of my favorite pieces is the Eliana Dainty 24K Gold Heart Necklace. It is a hammered metal and a beautiful rich gold color due to its 24 karat gold plating on brass. It is also quite beautiful in silver. The necklace is lightweight and delicate and a definite statement piece.  It’s easy to put on due to its hook and eye closure. The chain is also very sturdy.


For the mom in your life, looking for something unique, or maybe the mom who wants a connection with Israel , this might be a perfect fit.   But they are so unique, I could see them going for any mom who just is interested in something that’s not run of the mill.

Check them out at Studio L Jewelry.