Tula Mic – For Calls and Recording

The Tula Mic is one of the highest-end microphones that I’ve seen and probably the easiest to use.  It looks gorgeous and it is so well designed.

So lets get down to the facts.


Computer Mic/Video Calls

All too often, I feel like I’ve seen so many people using real microphones on video calls and I’m so impressed. The quality is top-notch and it just gives such a presentation. It almost feels like you’re on a radio show when you hear them speak into such a microphone.

Here, you just plug it into your USB and just switch your audio selection and you have this pro mic. What’s also cool is that it just looks gorgeous as a microphone.

Look at that photo. I feel like I’m in a cool old style recording studio!


Remote Recorder


My kid is learning to play piano and this is definitely overkill for that, but I gotta tell you, it sounded so real when he played the piano into this.   It just is so cool to not only have a real microphone but the fact that it’s basically a portable “real” recorder, it really is an awesome feature.

The buttons are on the left and right and pretty intuitive.




Too often, I find I’ll have to record for YouTube and I’ve even tried to increase the quality of the recording by using my AirPods. This is an entirely different level.  It’s so much better and you can even make tweaks by changing the level.



This is the real deal.  When you buy this microphone, you’ll never need another one. How’s that for a recommendation? If you’re getting more into video calls, (and face it, who isn’t), OR if you find you’re doing more video recordings and need better audio, this is the kind of microphone that you should seriously consider.

Check it out on Prime and you can have it in a few days. Just in time for your next meeting.

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