Hawk + Sloane

Ok…this post may actually make you all sit up at attention.  Who tries everyday to stay afloat and be the king/queen of their castle?

I know I do!  Hawk + Sloane have these awesome sprays to help us with parenting along the way.  The company has a line of 6 sprays and we tested out two of them over the past couple of days.

Sassy Spray is a modern version of “washing your kids mouth out with soap”.  The point; to be used as a disciplinary spray for a possible tantrum, “bad” word etc.  My kids let me use them as “testers” and they said it tastes like vinegar.  Ingredients are all natural (apple cider vinegar, broccoli sprout extract, tomato powder, carrot powder, spinach powder, kale powder at more.  Just a quick spray to say “hey that is not ok with mommy”!

We also tried out Sleepy Spray which I sprayed two days in a row now in the kid’s room.  It is lavender infused and sets the calming mood to have everyone asleep ASAP.  These two that I tried I was happy with; there are others as well like Lice Spray (ugh but we need it), Stinky Spray (so everyone around you has no idea you just changed a diaper), Soothie Spray (for diaper rash/irritation) and Scary Spray(to make the nighttime monsters go away).  Each one is full of awesome essential oils!

So glad that two mommy’s came together to make our lives a tiny bit easier!

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