Up Front Cosmetics Are Raising “The Bar” In My Shower!

I don’t know about you but I take about 2 showers a day now.  No matter what; I simply cannot feel clean anymore.  Even getting the mail puts me into a tailspin!  So I’ve been kind of pampering myself and check out new bath/shower products this month and I am LOVING these great shampoo and conditioner bars from Up Front Cosmetics.  This company is a breath of fresh air; owned and ran by a mother who was herself on the hunt for safe quality products not so much packed with chemicals and things you cannot pronounce.

The new spring line features these great shampoo and conditioner bars.  I want to start out by stating that this tiny 2.29 oz bar will actually replace 3 bottle of shampoo!  How is that even possible?  I’ve been checking out a few of their offerings, first up honorable mention to their universal line.  This is perfect for all hair types.  All you do is glide the bar across your hair and then lather/scrub/rinse.  The smell is just awesome; so fresh and invigorating (bergamot, wintergreen and cedarwood).  I actually couldn’t believe the awesome lather it produced!  Next up I sampled their hydrating hemp line.  Same deal here: these will replace 3 bottle of shampoo and you instantly lather/scrub/rinse.  This one is infused with hemp seed oil and has a super earthy undertone.  I’m talking vetiver, cedarwood, patchouli, the works.  I also think it important to mention that I did my homework and these are safe for color treated hair.  (not that any of us have color left on our heads at this point LOL)

They run about $14 a bar – check them out guys!