Boost Your Immunity With Mighty Gum

Honestly; all we’ve done for the past 3 months is worry about germs.  All. Day. Long.  I have been pumping the kids with all kinds of vitamins (most of which they despise) and literally it’s a daily battle.  What if I told you all you had to do was chew gum and you could boost your immunity?  What if I also told you it actually tasted good?

Mighty Gum brings you Immunity gum with 11 immunity boosters.  This is vegan, Non-GMO, and free of aspartame, allergens and sugar.  The flavor is this yummy berrymint that is this great combo of 6 fruit sourced vitamins along with our trusted zinc and elderberry.  Your breath will be amazingly fresh (literally within seconds my whole mouth feels super clean) and you are fighting away the bad germs that are trying to invade our little towns!

I did my homework here on this one; I actually read the supplement facts on the package.  Vitamin A from papaya, Vitamin C from oranges, Vitamin B from bananas just to name a few – this is really such a cool product!  As we all go back to work this is just a pocketbook MUST!  One less thing to worry about; you are calming your nerves with the chewing, getting some immunity into your body and hey….not snacking!  Check it out!  Such a cool idea Mighty Gum had!