Sweetbriar Restaurant Review

We recently visited Sweetbriar, and let us just say, we were blown away. From the moment we walked in, we knew we were in for a treat. The atmosphere of the restaurant is beyond cool. We all felt cooler just being there. The modern look of the restaurant, the open kitchen, the low-hanging lighting, and the mirrors on the wall all added to the cool and cozy vibe.

Appetizers at Sweetbriar

The cornbread is a must-try. It is not too sweet, and very flavorful, especially with the provided honey butter. The pretzel crisps are a unique and nice twist on traditional flatbread. Most non-alcoholic drinks tend to be overly sweet, but not here. The non-alcoholic drinks have the same flavor complexity as a typical alcoholic drink, making them a hit with our group. The American Beauty was a refreshing and beautiful cocktail.

The food is as creative as the drinks. We were blown away by the variety of flavors in the dishes, especially the hazelnut in the kale Caesar salad. Sweetbriar does not stick to traditional dishes, but rather creates variants of the original southern culinary concepts.


Main course at Sweetbriar

The food is nothing short of some of the most beautiful and Instagram-worthy foods that we have ever seen. The plating and presentation were simply five-star quality. The ribs were sweet and spicy at the same time, and the salmon was spot on. The pizza was good, but compared to the other dishes, it felt good compared to amazing.

The service was quite attentive, and the staff was friendly and welcoming. We loved the mixed clientele of local workers, families, young couples, and even moms on vacation. The staff is close, and with the open kitchen, you can tell that the communication is quite good.


Dessert at Sweetbriar

When it comes to a restaurant, our criteria are atmosphere, food quality, and service. Sweetbriar hit all the marks. This is Southern-inspired cooking with  Michelin star chef quality, and it shows. Chef Bryce Shuman has created something truly special here.

We cannot recommend Sweetbriar enough. From the cool and cozy atmosphere to the top-notch food quality, and attentive service, everything about our experience was simply fantastic. We cannot wait to return and try more of their unique dishes.