Tasty Bite Hot and Spicy Entrees

tasty bites hot spicy

Tasty Bite makes Indian food entrées that are extremely easy to cook up as a quick family meal. They are one of my “go-to” options. Not only are they easy to make but really, what else is healthier than lentils, beans, and vegetarian entrees?

They now have  three  hot and spicy flavors as you see in the photo. Madras Lentils, Coconut Vegetables, and Vindaloo. These are literally 60 seconds to heat up, and having tried them, I could say they’re super delicious. I love that these entrées are a little spicy because sometimes I feel like they make entrees to the lowest common denominator.

What really makes them good is that the entire pouch is barely 300 calories. I am not particularly a calorie counter but 300 calories for what is officially a double portion is really nothing. But what I love most about them is that I usually find that I’m heating up a pizza in the oven every time I’m trying to make that quick lunch. Nothing against pizza and certainly they go along the theme of my Italiana heritage, but sometimes you want something different.

Have you seen Tasty Bite Indian food entrées in your local store and tell us what you think.