Teetherpop for Babies

Teething is such a wonderful time for babies and parents alike.  I know for my first, giving her some frozen bananas in a teether helped, but was ridiculously messy and the teethers were a pain in the butt to clean.  Teetherpop is a fantastic product and so far my baby loves it as much as I do.  Teetherpop is a fillable freezable teether that is easy to use and to clean.  It is easy for babies to hold and the teething section is made with medical grade silicone so it is comfortable on baby’s gums.  The Teetherpop can be filled with water, breastmilk, smoothies or purees and then frozen.  The Teetherpop as small slits in the bottom of the silicone teething portion, so there is less mess as the liquid from the melting pop only gets released as baby teethes.

The Teetherpop comes with a cover for storage in the freezer, or for taking the Teetherpop on the go with baby.  I was able to keep my baby occupied for a while as she enjoyed the mango puree in the Teetherpop.  I was happy because she was happy and was not getting mango all over the place, and she was pleased that she was able to feed herself and get some satisfying flavor and cool relief on her gums.  The Teetherpop was easy to open and fill, and the closure made sure that there was no way my little Houdini was able to open it.  Cleaning was much easier than other teethers I have tried as the Teetherpop reservoir was spacious and the silicone was flexible.  It can be hand washed, or is top rack dishwasher safe which I liked.  All parts are made in the USA and are BPA, PVC, latex, and pthalate free.  The Teetherpop is designed for babies 6 months and older, and so far has held up great with multiple uses and freezes.  Order one today, watch how to videos for use, or even find some cool smoothie recipes for your baby’s Teetherpop at https://www.teetherpop.com/.

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