FoodieKid Simple Starters Organic Baby Meals

FoodieKid Simple Starters Organic Baby Meals are frozen, prepackaged meals that are the perfect way to make sure your baby gets a balance of healthy nutrition and delicious flavor.  Each bag comes with 4 smaller bags inside that are 4oz each, easily portioned to make baby food in small batches.  All ingredients are organic and preservative free, and are flash frozen after coming different US farms.  FoodieKid was started by a mom, so you can be rest assured that the importance of health and nutrition for tiny tummies is the key focus.

Simple Starters Organic Baby Meals makes it easy to create different blends for baby by putting recommendations of pairings as well as what spices or seasonings to use when blending for a puree.  The veggies in the pack are cut small, making it perfect for creating a smooth or chunky textured puree.  They are also the perfect size to use as finger foods for older toddlers.  It was quick and easy to heat up the pack in the microwave and then throw in the blender to make my baby dinner.  I was able to control how much water went into the puree and made just the right consistency for her preferences.  My 7 month old loved the flavor and puree, and with the recommendations on the package, it took the guesswork out of what to add to make it even better for her.

FoodieKid Simple Starters come in three options.  The Root Veggie and Squash pack comes with a packet each of sweet potato, beets, butternut squash, and carrots.  The Veggie Blends pack comes with 2 packs of peas, zucchini, and green beans, as well as 2 packs of sweet potato, broccoli, and kale.  The Lentil and Veggie Blend pack comes with 4 packets of carrots, cooked lentils, red peppers, spinach, and oregano.  The choice of veggies in the different blends is healthy and high end, giving only the best to each baby in each serving.  FoodieKid also offers an opportunity to give back by giving the chance to donate a bag of Simple Starters to a NYC foodbank.  Good for baby’s belly and good for the greater good and community.  Order your bags of FoodieKid Simple Starters Organic Baby Meals at

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