Farm Hounds All Natural Treats and Chews

Dogs love their owners, and Farm Hounds is one way owners can give some of that love back to their beloved canines in return. Farm Hounds was started by people passionate about their dogs and making sure they were well taken care of. They partner with farms in the US and label each item with which farm those products came from. Farm Hounds only work with farms that farm “with integrity” and let animals roam free in pastures and eat natural and organic. This allows the Farm Hounds products to be sourced from happy and healthy animals, to make sure your own pet feeds happy and healthy.  Farm Hounds has a wide variety of options for treats, chews, hides, jerky, and food toppers for some extra flavor. You can order their products individually, in bulk, or as part of a subscription. Every dog will find something they enjoy from their line. Make sure you hide the treats though, as even my cats could not resist temptation and enjoyed the Farm Hounds treats!

Farm Hounds products are all natural, and are made with 100% dehydrated, raw animal ingredients. With no chemicals, salt, sugar, grains, or anything artificial, you can be sure your dog is getting only the best. They have treats of kidney, liver, tongue, gizzards, heart, and spleen. They have jerky made with beef, pork, turkey, pheasant, duck, chicken, and bison. The hides are made from pasture raised animals and are hand cut and sun dried. The rolled hides options are lamb, goat, beef, and hog. There are also hide chips made from beef and hog. Farm Hounds chews come in pork, chicken, duck, turkey, and beef normally, as well as some exotic and seasonal ones such as lamb ears/tails. rabbit ears, goose or pheasant necks, or goose heads among others. The Food Toppers are seasonings that can be put on any food for your dog. Flavors include elk antler sprinkles, and Beef, chicken, duck, turkey, and pork blood or liver sprinkles.  All Farm Hound products are doggy delectables, and will definitely get your dog’s attention and excite their taste buds.  
The quality that Farm Hounds ensures ( and guarantees) is unrivaled. For more information and to order your dogs a delicious treat that they will love almost as much as they love you, check out

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