Tember for Your Golf-Playing Dad!


Tember provides a pretty cool MUST HAVE golf tool to enhance your game.  The company cares about value, tradition, and culture.  You have to use quality products and be focused.  Every darn detail counts! This is a great item to give the golf-playing dad in your life to help move his game in a better direction!

The All in One Golf Divot Tool ($15): You will be able to flawlessly repair any divot and keep your favorite golf course smooth and perfect.  It will comfortably attach to your pants or golf bag for quick and simple access.  It has these cool grooves and brush to also clean any grass or dirt off the clubface.  It has a magnetic golf ball marker so you can easily mark your ball on the green.  Oh, and the tool expertly doubles as a bottle opener—you can crack open your favorite beverage any time you like.  It is super light and convenient and just does so many cool tasks.

Oh, and it comes with a pack of five (5) unbreakable golf tees.  They have less friction with the ball due to their unique size (3-1/4″) so you can drive straighter and longer.

Such a cool product! Grab it now for Father’s Day.