Urbanista Paris is On Sale Right Now

I have been a fan of Urbanista for quite some time. In fact, check out our review of the Stockholm.

Anyway, I feel like once the AirPod came out it, became the basic standard of fashion. It became essentially the one benchmark people used to determine if you had a cool set of earbuds. Call me crazy but I’ve always felt that when something is as popular as the AirPods it actually makes it look less cool to me. Maybe, maybe, that’s just me


I can say that I love the Urbanista new Paris series for two reasons.


First of all, I truly think it looks cool as hell. These midnight black are obviously what you see in the photo but they come in other colors with might also fit your fancy. Maybe I’ve always just been a fan of Scandinavian design I actually think they look completely amazing and rather elegant.


Secondly, and is there a price point for a value. If I told you how many friends I know who have lost their investment in an AirPod by misplacing them somewhere, you would see my concern. These guys are on sale right now on Amazon for $49 with a 10% coupon which is a ridiculous deal given the value.


If tomorrow, my preteen starts nagging for a set of AirPods I’d much rather how to get these. The sound quality is pretty darn comparable and the quality to price ratio can’t be beat.

Check out the sale on their site, as it’s now buy one get one for the Paris!