The Easy Fermenter

I literally scroll through social media and see how everyone has time to jar sauces, veggies etc. and I wonder who the heck has time for the process? Not this working mom of two!  Here is what is awesome; a product called The Easy Fermenter fell into my lap and it literally makes sauerkraut and pickles that I can “set and forget”.  Ummmmm… this is perfect for me!  No need to go through the old process; you simple prepare your veggies (cut/slice etc.) and add the spices.  I then transferred my pickle concoction into a mason jar and added salty water (brine).  Twist on one of this product’s lids and you are good to go as the fermentation process ensues.  It even comes with a wonderful oxygen extractor to make certain you are mold free!  I am using this feature at the end of the fermentation to make sure you have success!  These lids actually track dates so no worries that you will have spoiled food.  This product only costs $35 and honestly you will never go back to the old ways of jarring.  I am amazed at the quality and ease; seems almost too good to be true!  I’m stocking up on jars now.  I suggest you do the same.


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