Beautiful Easter Eggs From Around The World


The hubby grew up with an amazing Easter Egg decorating tradition from his Ukrainian heritage which involves using a tool as thin as a pin head and hot wax to make beautiful designs on a hollowed out egg.  They then dyed or painted them and they were abolutely stunning.  I was inspired today to check out some pretty cool decorating ideas for you guys for this coming week:

These were made using a men’s silk tie!  So cool and doable at home!

How about a little glitter? Great for at grandma’s house (keep the mess there I say!)

Glitter Easter Eggs #easter #eastereggs #pretty #glitter

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I’ve always wanted to try this; onion skins as a natural dye!

‘Here is another great resource for the natural route! I am 100% trying the purple cabbage and coffee this year!

Eggs fit for a princess!  Or a diva like my kid!

Furniture glue and cloth dye!  These are gorgeous!

Here is an awesome idea; using clip art for stenciling!

Finally……my favorite type of Easter Egg; The Cadbury Creme Egg!

I did a deal with the Easter Bunny! #cadburycremeegg #cremeegg #easter

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