Smart Mom’s Guide To Essential Oils

So these Essential Oils are kinda taking over our live’s here in this house.  I am really trying to make my house a little bit healthier among this sea of germs from school, the office etc.  I am now engrossed in Dr. Mariza Snyder’s Smart Mom’s Guide To Essential Oils; a great book that takes you through the entire world of “the oils” and what you can expect and really awesome tips and ideas to get you going on your own healthy journey.  To me, what is kind of funny is the fact that although these oils are emerging as fashionable now, they have truly been around forever.  This fabulous book takes you through the history a little bit; very interesting that these oils are have always been of super value and stature.  So much so, that thieves ransacked the tomb of King Tut to take them!  (Any my husband think they are silly…..)

Next up the book takes you through how to administer the oils.  Of course diffusing/aromatic being super popular and helpful.  I use a diffuser in home, office (heck I even use one in the car these days).  You can of course more simply open the bottles and breathe in their fragrance as well.  They can also be used topically; I apply some right to my skin in various spots like my wrists, neck, behind my ears etc.  You can also dilute them in easy to find carrier oils like (coconut, jojoba, grape-seed oil) for the kids and/or sensitive skin.  There are really helpful sections and lists in the book that outline which oils to avoid when pregnant, which are “hot” or “cool” and which you should avoid when in direct sunlight.  I am honestly incorporating them into so many facets of my life (even laundry)!  Diffusing lavender at night along with my friend bergamot has been great for my constant anxiety (what busy mom doesn’t suffer from it).  You will totally love Snyder’s section on “must have oils” and what you can do with them.  Definitely grab post-it’s or page tabs because as you go along reading I absolutely know you will be jotting down oils you must buy and the recipes to use them in.  What if I told you I was replacing harmful cleaning chemicals and soaps from the utility closet and was making my own oil blends? What if I told you I was showering with yummy scrubs I was making from scratch? Shaving cream for the hubby? Over 200 recipes in this awesome book!

This book is a MUST HAVE reference for your growing obsession with Essential Oils.  Please read it and you will be inspired like me!  Synder also writes about other important nutrition and women’s health topics.

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