The End of Procrastination by Petr Ludwig and Adela Schicker

image of book The End of Procrastination by Petr Ludwig and Adela Schicker

The End of Procrastination by Petr Ludwig and Adela Schicker is a great read. I like the concepts discussed and the science to back up the authors’ ideas. The book is easy to follow with visuals and the authors provide explanations throughout the book to achieve long-term satisfaction. When the author, Petr Ludwig, thought he  had a near-death experience, he said, “I want to die knowing that I lived life to the fullest!” To accomplish this, he discovered that he would have to end procrastination. Once he had figured out methods to end procrastination, he thought other people would benefit so he started consulting and training.  Eventually, he was approached by a publisher to write a book.

I love the self-care books.  A must-read for the procrastinator.  It’s so easy to procrastinate. There is even a saying about procrastination. Benjamin Franklin said, “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” Sometimes it’s difficult to get started, it’s a habit, or we would rather be doing something else.  Whatever the reason, sometimes in our lives we tend to procrastinate.

Key Takeaways –

  • being happy first is more important
  • things don’t make you happy
  • set milestones rather than goals
  • reaching your goals is only temporary happiness
  • interactive activities to explore yourself
  • 8 simple tools for personal development
  • easy read, however thought-provoking
  • don’t procrastinate

I’m happy I added The End of Procrastination to my personal development library.  I would definitely share with friends and family.

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