The Happy Nuts Ballber

image of the Happy Nuts Ballber razor and comford cream

Since my early teenage years, I have tried many different trimmers and razors when it comes to shaving body hair, including Manscaped. The Happy Nuts Ballber definitely made me feel a little more at ease about using blades “down there.” With the Lawn Mower from Manscaped, I have definitely gotten a fair share of painful nicks that left me uncomfortable for days.

With the unique design of the Ballber, I avoided the skin-catching problem I would constantly experience with other trimmers. The nicks and cuts happened even with the use of the guard when using the Lawn Mower from Manscaped.

However, even though I was skeptical, the Happy Nuts Ballber claimed it was safe to use even without a guard. I thought the only way that I could truly believe that is to try it out myself. And to my surprise, it was actually easier to shave without a guard, and I still didn’t get any cuts or snags. Although safety is a big advantage of this product, the performance could be better. Even without the guard, I found it difficult to get an even shave.

I found myself going over the same spots multiple times. Even using the double-edge feature, I still felt like I could not get a clean shave. Though I felt completely comfortable and safe while using this product, the end result failed to impress me. I ended up using a regular razor to finish the job which I haven’t had to do in years while using Manscaped.

My favorite part about this product would actually be the Happy Nuts comfort cream that came with the trimmer. It is a soothing lotion that turns into a powder after application. I started using it every day due to the freshness and comfort it helps me maintain. It prevents sweat and chafing, and neutralizes odor. It works so well that I’ve made it a new part of my daily routine. The trimmer itself is not the most amazing trimmer in the world but with its safety and ease of use, I would definitely recommend The Happy Nuts Ballber products to anybody who wants to trim body hair without worrying about unnecessary pain.