Chelsea Charles Jewelry Review

closeup image of woman sipping some ice water, wearing earrings, rings, and bracelet by chelsea charles jewelry

How about another wonderful gift-giving idea for the holidays? Think Mom/Sister/Teacher/Friend/Coach – you name it and Chelsea Charles Jewelry has it to offer! These jewelry options are made with daily wear in mind and inspired by being healthy and playing the sports we love to play!

Sports inspiring the CC Sport Collection jewelry include golf, tennis, soccer, volleyball, softball, skiing, pickleball, cheer, dance, lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, football, and baseball. They have gorgeous gold/silver and even rose gold options. Amazing gift sets and options for coaches and you the “sports mom” yourself.  Hey, we are all buying ourselves things as we shop for the holidays anyhow.

I grabbed up a few just now for my children’s coaches. I simply couldn’t resist, given the message and the quality.

What we sampled and especially loved was their fitness-inspired Count Me Healthy Bracelet Collection. This is great for the busy mom. It is both pretty and completely functional. It serves as a wellness journal you wear on your wrist. You just slide the beads to track your goals. Could be water intake, fruit or veggies, or even vitamins – just doesn’t matter.  Oh, and the beads stay in place until you move them. Prices on these range from $68 to $248. Options include sterling silver, 14K gold, and 18k rose gold. They all come in gift boxes you just need to wrap and roll with.

Check out Chelsea Charles Jewelry!