Easy To Use Tahini Is Helping Me With Quarantine Cooking!

I feel like we are just cooking up a storm over here; one meal actually hops into the next one.  I find myself sitting up at night searching for the next recipe and what ingredients I need to have delivered days before (LOL).  Due to all of this pandemic baking we are doing, I am now on the hunt for healthy meals that offset them for me and my family.

I am loving the Tahini sauce from The Mighty Sesame Company.  This is a simply to use ready to squeeze one ingredient delight.  Think veggies, salads, smoothies and hummus.  This is both vegan and a totally plant based product.  The taste is perfection; I actually couldn’t believe how much I adored it.  No surprise in that the Company has more than 30 years experience.

Now onto the recipes; there are just so many.  I personally started with the hummus and have to say the whole family enjoyed.  A little tip for you; check out their dips and dressings and just keep going.  I actually made this yummy sour sauce as well that I had the kids dipping their chicken nuggets into.  This tiny bottle has kind of taken over our lives here and for the better.  They also sell these great bars also (vanilla, pistachio, cocoa) which seem great to toss into your tote when we are on the go again!



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