3 Products To Pamper You!

All this quarantine time means that we have either let ourselves go (me…sort of until now) or we are using this extra time to self pamper ourselves any way we can!  Check out 3 cool items our writer is loving right now.  Its the little things…right?!?

Turbie Twist is this perfect head wrap to use right after hopping out of the shower.  If you are like me, you don’t always want to dry your hair right after showering but you also can’t stand the whole towel on your head or how it really doesn’t take all the water out of your head no matter how many times you shake your head into it!  Turbie stays in place, fits everyone and holds your hair securely with one little easy twist.  I am actually finding that once I do dry my hair, that it takes less time.  Also – with all the drying and straightening my hair endures, I’ve been working in a little deep conditioning balm, and then letting it all sit and relax right in the turbie.  Also think at home coloring treatments, facials and even sitting by the pool!  These are a great price point (starting around $10) and a great addition to your at home plan!

Onto pedicures, or lack thereof.  Baby Foot brings us their Exfoliation Foot Peel that will make your feet feel super soft like you just left the salon.  Yup, that is right.  These amazing plastic booties remove dead skin cells and are so easy to use.  All you need to do is put on the booties, leave them on for one hour, and then wash your feet with soap and water.  The magic starts to happen about 5 days later and will naturally peel off your feet for up to two weeks.  This product costs $25.00 for a pair of booties.

Last up is the razor that will help you remove all that unwanted hair in the simplest way possible.  Aveline puts the control right in your hands, literally.  The back of the razor has this cool ring that you slide your finger in and then you can easily guide it over your body.  You can also hold this exactly like you would any other razor if that makes you more comfortable.  The razor costs about $10 and refills are available!  I have certainly notices less “nicks” since first use.

Go check these out and pamper yourself!

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