CRI Genetics Review

Genetic testing is the newest thing that everybody is doing. This time around I tried CRI Genetics. I’ve probably done every one of the ancestry services so now basically everybody has my DNA!

That said, I didn’t want to do a comparison story because, with DNA, I honestly feel it can be a bit unfair. That is, everybody has their own methodology. Comparing one company’s methodology versus the other is not only unfair, but it’s also way beyond my knowledge and abilities.  And that’s the point.  It’s an evolving and growing field and we’re constantly changing it and adopting it.

Now, for the ancestry portion of the equation, they did think I had Sri Lankan in me which is, I guess, theoretically possible, but I just see it as such a long shot, I’m not sure. That said, it really requires going back some time and way further back than most people’s family trees can go.

What I not only liked but loved about CRI Genetics was the health portion of the DNA.

I just gave you a quick insight into it above, but it really goes in-depth on which foods can work for you and not.  Like, it shows which foods, based on your genetic makeup, would be better or worse for you to have.

Now, I’m not suggesting taking this as Bible.  In fact, that was my point initially with the DNA.   I’m not ruling out that I could have a small percentage of Sri Lankan blood, but I’m not just accepting it either.   I’m using it as a guidepost.

So, with this diet and sample menus, I found it quite interesting and a really useful starting point. Some things really resonated and others, not so much.

Overall, though, I found CRI Genetics to really have a great feature with the health and diet aspect. It’s the kind of data you have to sit there with a notepad and really analyze. In fact, I made a note to look back in a month, and then six months later, just to compare what worked and didn’t work.

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