RefresH2Go Filtered Water bottles

Just in time for my child’s lunch bag I received  a sample of RefresH2Go water bottles.  This ingenious and reusable bottle actually contains a filter that you can use to bring you perfectly fresh and delicious filtered water by using the faucet or water fountain!  What a great alternative to costly disposable bottled water that clogs the environment and empties your wallet.  RefresH2Go is beyond affordable, comes in various sizes and are quite frankly attractive and come in colors to fit everyone’s personality.  I love how light-weight it is; my kids are carrying heavy backpacks filled with books and folders everyday along with their lunch tote.  I am thrilled that this water bottle really won’t add to the “workload”.

You can purchase the “junior” bottle (12oz) which is a daily staple for my kid’s lunch for a super amazingly priced $5.99.  The 26oz “curve” bottle is priced at $7.99.  The liter-sized “milestone” bottle is priced at $10.99.  I have to scoop up one of these for my desk at work in my new effort to drink more water and eat less sugar!  The filter is super easy to replace; and keep in mind here: 1 filter equals 40 gallons of water!

This is a no-brainer; check out for more info and to purchase this great water bottle!  You can also purchase replacement filters, accessories and replacement parts; register your product for a reminder on when to replace your filter!



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