The Undersea Adventures of Capt N’ Eli

All aboard for literally the cutest book/action figure series I have seen in awhile!   Like Volumes one and two of the comic series, these are true “family comic books” that can be read with everyone listening.  Capt N’ Eli has unique  and scientific powers and a special tie to the underwater world.  The story line captivates you and the illustrations feed your imagination as if you were along with Eli for the ride.  Capt N’ Eli’s third installment packs the full adventure punch we expect.  There is major undersea upheaval when Capt N’ Eli finds himself once again smack in the middle of war between the surface world and the undersea Aquarian Empire.  Is Princess Coral kidnapped? Will giant robots be taking over the world? I won’t ruin the story for you but rest assured my children and I truly enjoyed the book from beginning to end!  Super great to go along with our book with a limited edition of action figure “Sea Ghost”designed by Creator Jay Piscopo himself!  This is a great gift idea for the comic enthusiast on your shopping list!  For more information and to purchase products please explore  This is a truly unique story that I highly recommend!

capt n eli

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