Best Alcohol Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not just for sweethearts. Show your love this Valentine’s Day to all your loved ones of legal drinking age by giving them one of these great alcohol gifts. These are our top picks for spirits that will make them blush in 2023.

image of bottles of Keeper's Heart and Brother's Bond for Valentines Day Gifts Man

Brother’s Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey 

Now, you need the alcohol. Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, known as “The Salvatore Brothers” from the famed TV series, The Vampire Diaries, are the creators of Brother’s Bond. There is a true bond in their friendship which strengthened over drinking bourbon, both on and off-screen, for over a decade.  As the name implies, the brother’s bond is special and this would make a special gift.

Keeper’s Heart Whiskey

Is your Valentine a Keeper? Then you should consider this Irish-American whiskey blended with American rye whiskey – Keeper’s Heart Whiskey. Combining the unique qualities of Irish grain and single-pot still whiskey has created a remarkable drinking experience. It was created to celebrate and unlock moments worth keeping.


image of bottle of Ocean Organic Vodka for Valentines Day Gifts Man

Ocean Organic Vodka 

Wish you were in Hawaii this Valentine’s Day?  Why not bring the Hawaiian Islands to your house with Ocean Organic Vodka? This is a super premium smooth-tasting organic vodka blended in deep ocean mineral waters.  It comes in a really cool-looking bottle.  It’s great on its own or for making mixed drinks!


image of bottles of Grand Brulot Cognac and Calirosa Rosa Blanco Tequila for Valentines Day Gifts Man

Grand Brulot

Grand Brulot is hand-crafted by the Tardy family on their estate located in the Cognac region of France. The delicious combination of premium VSOP cognac with rich robusta coffee makes this cognac great for mixing or drinking straight. This is a must-add to the cognac lover’s collection.

Calirosa Rosa Blanco Tequila

Calirosa Rosa Blanco is a premium tequila made with 100% blue agave, double distilled, and aged in red wine barrels for 30 days, offering a vibrant rosy glow and a uniquely smooth taste. It comes in a beautiful bottle made for your favorite tequila lover.

image of Rocks N Roses Bourbon Box for Valentines Day Alcohol Gifts

Rocks N’ Roses

Last but not least, consider an alcohol-themed gift box. What says Valentine’s Day more than the Rocks N’ Roses Bourbon Box?  It’s seriously a fun box of surprises for your bourbon lover.

The gift boxes contain high-end items that are organic, BPA-free, and ethically/sustainably sourced.

  • 2 RNR Spinning Whiskey/Bourbon Glasses
  •  Mast Brothers Organic Dark Chocolate Bar
  •  Nat’s Nuts Vegan/Gluten-Free Cinnamon Whiskey Pecans
  •  Trixie & Milo’s BPA-Free Extra Large Ice Cube Tray
  •  Yes Cocktail Co.’s Organic Old Fashioned Bitter Infused Sugar Cubes
  •  Luxe Cocktail Spears


Say, “Be my Valentine,” with some special alcohol gifts this Valentine’s Day.

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