Celebrate with Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Surprise!

Today (August 8th) is World Tea Party Day, and there is no better way to celebrate than to open up an Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Surprise box!  Zuru’s new line celebrates a flashy spin on a classic tea party, and does so in style.  Itty Bitty Prettys incorporates the popular unboxing surprises as kids will be able to open up multiple packages that include not only some of the adorable 13 dolls, but their clothes, shoes, accessories, pets, and pieces for their own tea party.  You can swap the outfits and accessories to customize your own dolls’ style, and kids will want to collect all 13 dolls to complete their collection, and their tea party!




















My daughter was so excited to open her Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Surprise.  The packaging was so cute and just added to her eagerness to see what was waiting inside.  She was delighted to have so many smaller packages to open once she opened the Teacup Doll Playset which has over 25 different surprises to unveil.  Each time she found something new, the anticipation built, as did her smile.

There are two different options to choose from: the larger Teacup Dolls Playset which opens up and includes a full size tea cup, tea pot, two Itty Bitty Prettys, accessories, two Itty Bitty Prettys pets, two dissolving tea bags, two dissolving and fizzing ‘sugar cubes’ (with more surprises inside), and squishy ‘dough’ to make treats for you Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party.   The Itty Bitty Prettys Teacup Doll Assortment comes in one teacup with one Itty Bitty Pretty, dough, dissolving tea bag, fizzing sugar cube, and accessories.

The dissolving tea bags and fizzing sugar cubes are yet another layer of special surprises.  Using warm water (and adult supervision!), it was fun to watch as the Itty Bitty Prettys outfits, shoes, and jewelry appeared.  After a quick rinse and drying them off, they were ready to go and dress up the Itty Bitty Prettys for the tea party.

The dolls have moveable arms, legs, and heads, and they hair is super soft.  We loved that all of the Itty Bitty Prettys in the collection celebrated coming from diverse backgrounds and had unique personalities and styles.

Itty Bitty Prettys is a perfect gift idea.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving with all the little surprises to unwrap, and your Itty Bitty Prettys pack a ton of fun to be had.  So get out and celebrate World Tea Party Day with some pizzazz and new Itty Bitty friends by getting your own, available on Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other toy stores.  Check out https://zuru.com/kids/ittybittyprettys/  online or on Instagram to watch others around the world holding their own Itty Bitty Prettys tea party, and post your own pictures and/or videos to share!