Top 10 Fun Trending Easter Arts/Craft Ideas On Pinterest

I decided to be crafty and check out some great Easter ideas for my kids.  I decided to share the wealth:

Rice Krispies; need I say more: A classic!!

How about a cute craft for mom and dad:





If it is nice out tomorrow this will be a cool arts and crafts idea to decorate our bay window:


Grab potatoes and off they go to creative city:

When push comes to shove it is really ok for you to give your kids these adorable coloring pages; think get laundry put away!  LOL

OMG this is a must; my daughter will LOVE this! And we all totally have the supplies on hand!

Great ways to dye Easter Eggs this week!

Yes please!  Glow Eggs!!

You are officially WELCOME for the great scavanger hunt for Easter Morning!

Finally…a little science experiment over the school break! This is so cool; my son loved it!

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