Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Baby

It’s baby’s first Halloween and what better way to celebrate than with an adorable costume. There are so many options out there and whether you want to go classic or unique, we searched for the best Halloween costume for your little one.

Remember, Halloween only comes once a year and your kids are only going to stay small for so long. We chose 10 costume ideas to help you decide on the tough choice of your baby’s first costume.

10. Cow

What’s cuter than making your little one say “moo!” This costume is simple, sweet and perfect for your little calf.








9. Gnome

This little gnome will look great in your backyard (or trick or treating!) This Carters costume is adorable and features a beard, making your baby the cutest little garden statue ever.







8. Avocado

A trendy fruit or a fun Halloween costume? This avocado outfit is cozy and cute for your little one.







7. Pineapple

A sweet costume for your sweet baby!







6. Pumpkin

This one’s a classic, but it’s still a goodie.







5. Ghostbusters Puff

Any 80s fan would recognize this one… the famous white puff from Ghostbusters. Spooky? No. Adorable? Yes.








4. A Lion

This costume will roar with cuteness once your baby puts it on!








3. A Bumble Bee

This sweet little outfit is adorable for your bumble bee princess.








2. An Iced Beverage

Perfect for any coffee lover, this adorable tutu set will transform your baby into a sweet, caffeinated drink.







1. Subway Sandwich

This costume is delicious (and healthy!) Your newborn can be disguised as a Subway sub…hold the mayo.


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