Does one really need a bounce enhancement on a trampoline?!?

So this week we received a great new “toy” for our home called a Bounceboardthis is like a skateboard (but not).  It is made from this super dense, really quality foam with foot straps.  It is meant to enhance your bounce and I have to tell you I was half skeptical half worried about injury but nonetheless let my older child do a test run.  One size fits all and can accommodate someone 30-220 pounds.  You can safely practice your “air moves” all while in the comfort of your enclosed trampoline.  Also, think outside the box (surfing, snowboarding) and you can see how great it is to be able become stronger as an athlete and have fun at the same time.  My two kids both had a blast giving this board a try.  After a few minutes I was able to breathe again and really enjoy watching them.  I have to tell you, both the hubby and myself may even give it a try!

This is a wonderful gift for the upcoming holidays.  I am thrilled that we combined exercise with fresh air and not once over the span of a few hours did either child even ask for their computer/tablet/headsets.  As a mother, this made me truly happy.  Please check this out; I know you will love it as well and want to jumpstart your holiday shopping!

Aren’t 100% convinced?  Check this out!

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