Top 8 Great Family Games For Holiday Gift Giving!

So this top 8 list came from hours of countless fun for my family these past few weeks!  My kids and I tried out some great games from Tactic; some are traditional, tried and true and a few of them new, exciting and featuring your kids favorite TY plush!  Here is what we came up with that will surely help your holiday shopping needs:

  1.  Original Alias: grab a partner for team-based play and try to guess the word on their card by their hints and tips!  Appropriate for ages 10+ and great for 4+ players.
  2. Family Alias: word guessing fun for everyone with added “kid cards” and “wild cards”.  You can even try using synonyms and opposites to get your
    1. iptive skills as a woman playing cards from the men’s world and the boys playing feminine words.  Everyone was laughing!
    2. Ty Dominoes: get your child 4 years and up using strategy and logic all while having fun.  Players add their cards to the chain by matching the numbers on the tiles.  Super cute and we had a great time playing!
    3. Ty Beanie Boo’s Party Game: this one is new for 2016 and my daughter was jumping up and down with excitement to play!  This game will be the favorite forever as there is three different ways to play: draw and guess, act, or traditionally guess the character attached to your headband!  This is perfect for children 8+.
    4. Original Molkky: for outdoor play: set you the numbered pins in the formation of your choice and through the “skittle”.  You must knock down a perfect score of 50; go over this number and your score goes down!
    5. KUBB: new for 2016 for outdoor play: set up to knock down wooden pieces, skittles and the “king”.  Each player takes turns knocking pieces down but be careful; if you knock the “king” before all others are down your opponent wins!  Great for family yard and/or beach play!
    6. Hit 360: also new for 2016: you create a perfect 360 degree playing field and set up the numbered skittles.  The goal is to knock them down in number order and you can throw from any direction!

    So there you have it; please go check out the company’s website and scoop these up for the holidays:

molkkyalias 1 Beanie Boo Friends Game




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