Gift Gowns

All of us moms know the feel of wearing the hospital gown while having our little ones.  The gown is ackward; not our style and super uncomfortable.  And think of unfortunately the other reasons other than maternity needs that will land us in the hospital and with the need to wear the dreaded “gown”.  Enter Gift Gown – the company that takes a less than ideal situation and effortlessly makes it just a little bit better.  As the Company owner will say, if you happen to land yourself in the hospital, the blue gown simply is annoying from beginning to end.  And when you try and just use your own pajamas they just simply don’t work.  And also – people tend to want to bring you gifts when they visit you in the hospital for whatever the reason may be and nervous energy brings about some rather strange gifts.

Gift Gowns are comfortable and have just the right slogan to make you even smile a bit while you are “doing your time”.  There are plenty of options for everyone; women, men, kids, teens, maternity needs you name it.  Some can be funny, some really touch on your personal situation and some…well they can just be personalized as you would want them!  Pricing ranges from $35-50 and quite honestly I dare you to check out the kid options and not want to buy up all of them.

This is an AMAZING company that offer an AMAZING message to a possibly not so amazing situation.  Check them out!

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