Bauli Croissants

BAULI_CROIS_Chocolate_HRIf you are looking for a new snack to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, look no further then the wonderfully yummy croissants from  These are authentic Italian pastry treats made with zero preservatives.  Croissants are half of what Bauli does; they also provide super yummy holiday cakes and treats.  Back to the croissants; each flavor choice is better than the next.  It tried all three with my family over the weekend (Vanilla Custard, Cherry Jelly and Chocolate Flavor).  We cut them all up and tried each and everyone one and actually were fighting over which was the best.  In summary, they were all delicious and we loved all three! These would be perfect for a women’s tea party, or to even throw in your bag for a hectic day of carpools and kids!  I love how its a special treat reminding me that even though I am rushing about I can still eat something super rich and yummy!  Please visit Bauli’s website; they offer other bakery items as well (Pandoro, Panettone, as well as Mini Croissants which are less guilt but I swear you will just eat double!)  Please know that some of their confections come in gluten-free options which was music to my mommy ears!  These are so delicious; see for yourself!


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