Top Healthy Snacks for 2022

It’s that time of year again when every mom tries to find healthy snacks to lose the winter weight. Every year we do a healthy eating gift guide and this year is no exception. We’ve scoured the web for the top healthy snacks for 2022 so you don’t have to. If you’re trying to eat healthily, then this guide is for you.

image of some of the many healthy snacks of 2022 you can order from snackmagic


If you’re trying to eat healthily, then this is such a great idea.  SnackMagic has a great online form giving you options to build a box of snacks with healthy and different snacks you might not have in your house. There is a nice variety and they even have drinks. If you’re a mom and just want to try different healthy snacks, then this is a great “all-inclusive” way to get so many options to compare and try.  Plus, these aren’t junky snacks but healthy and the real deal.



image of goodsam foods for top healthy snacks of 2022


There’s something really unique about GoodSam foods that I really love.  They not only make good quality, healthy snacks, but they also care about farmers and the planet!   And, it’s also their variety that makes it so awesome. Here you see their no-sugar-added chocolate, their organic, direct-trade coffee, and their delicious, no-sugar-added baking mixes. But usually, when I’m ordering from a place, I have to order an abundance just to hit that free shipping deal.  Now, I can do ethical (and healthy) shopping in one shot and get it delivered right to my house!


image of ucan energy products


What makes Ucan different from all of the other protein powders, power bars, etc.?  It’s the SuperStarch in their products which are low-glycemic complex carbs.  It’s interesting because it’s energy from a source that won’t burn my stomach like coffee. Sometimes I just want a boost before a workout and Starbucks won’t cut it. You’ll see that they have energy bars as well as the Fuel to Go, which are both rather convenient to throw right in a pocketbook!


image of products from supermarket italy for top healthy snacks of 2022


Nothing is healthier than awesome and good ingredients.  Supermarket Italy ships the best ingredients straight from Italy. If your goal is to eat healthily, it starts with healthy ingredients.  If you’re trying to eat healthily, it really so depends on getting quality ingredients. I love how many options they have here. You’re only seeing a sampling but seriously, eating an Italian cheese is so much better than ordering some crazy processed stuff.


image of pkgs of kaizen pasta for top healthy snacks of 2022

Speaking of pasta, Kaizen makes a revolutionary pasta using lupin beans. They’re an ancient superfood and are 6 grams of carbs, but 20 grams of protein. They are basically a powerhouse of pure protein, or so it seems. They taste much better than most “alternative” pasta that I’ve had and are a great, quick, and easy dish. Open a can of tomato sauce, and pop these in some boiling water and you have yourself a nice and healthy, protein-strong meal.



image of double good popcorn for top healthy snacks of 2022


Double Good Popcorn is made the old-fashioned way, by hand, and it is so full of flavor! The popcorn comes in various standard and unique flavors with the most fantastic names. I love cheesy popcorn, and the My Main Cheese did not disappoint; it was full of flavor. For the perfect blend of salty and sweet, try the Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy with its strong caramel and cheese flavors.


kates real food

Kate’s Real Food makes bars and snack bites using only non-GMO ingredients. Kate’s bars and bites are also kosher and organic. These bars don’t have any highly processed ingredients and taste amazing. Since there are two servings per bar, it’s great to bring on a family hike to share with the little ones. I love Kate’s Real Food bars and love supporting women-owned businesses.


la clare creamery


La Clare Family Creamery is one of the US’s only 100% domestic goat creameries, and their cheese shows that. They have a bunch of different products, and I especially love their snacking cheese that I put in my kids’ lunches for a special treat. LaClare goat cheese is creamy and delicious and is one of my favorite goat cheeses on the market.  I love the idea of giving my kids a healthy choice as opposed to the usual sliced American cheese.


unreal snacks

Unreal Snacks makes healthier alternatives to the candy we all know and love. As every mom knows, kids love candy. Instead of giving my kids regular candy when they help around the house, I can give them a healthier version, and they can’t even tell. Their ingredients are so simple it’s “Unreal.”

jeffs famous beef jerky


Jeff’s Famous Beef Jerky is a delicious on-the-go snack, perfect for a hike. My kids love all the different flavors, and I love their low sodium options. Jeff’s jerky was voted the number one in America. The diversity in flavors shows that from their carne asada jerky to their Jamaican jerk flavor, there is always something for everyone.


fix fogg

Fix and Fogg makes amazingly creative nut butter and spreads. Compared to traditional peanut butter, Fix and Fogg adds flax, chia, and other healthy seeds. I always like finding new ways to incorporate healthy food into my kids’ diet, and with Fix and Fogg, it’s incredibly easy. My kids love the different flavors, making it easy for me to get them fed and out the door.

ithaca hummus
ithaca hummus

Ithaca hummus makes hummus that is a wonderful deviation from the usual on this iPad. I am specifically looking at you, buffalo ranch hummus. I’m looking you right in the eyes. There’s buffalo ranch hummus it is a game changer with the everything bagel one coming in a strong second. Not that I didn’t like all four but the buffalo hummus is the one that I ordered a semi-crate of on Amazon in about 10 seconds after ordering. If I feel the need for Buffalo without succumbing to deep-fried wings.

applegate farms
applegate farms

Put cold cuts in a nice wrap and you definitely have a quick and easy snack. All it takes is high-quality cold cuts, cheese, lettuce, and maybe some mustard, and you’re done. See all of the Applegate things you see here have no antibiotics whatsoever. They’re taking that cold meat selection and making them the healthiest version they can be. They’re living their best life so to speak. The Dude Good Dog seems to be on a mission to regenerate the land. So now they’re doing meat, “the right way “.

new zealand manuka honey
new zealand manuka honey

Manuka Honey gives me a quick bite and quick energy and it’s basically the higher end of honey. It has actually a thicker feel than regular honey and a ridiculous amount of health benefits. Sometimes I have a snack just because I need a quick pick and having Manuka Honey not only gives me a little bit of a burst of energy but it also is great when you’re feeling run down or if you’re catching something. This is New Zealand Honey, which is offering free shipping right now.


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